Monday, August 3, 2009

Berlin, Week 2

I am still hoping to get some time to write about--or visit--some Berlin knitting stores.  

So far we have:

petted some deer and ridden motorcycles (for kids)...

...gone horseback riding on a pony farm...

...ridden bicycles in the park and enjoyed trampoline jumping with our cousin Eddi (the one who is flying)...

The closest I have come to yarn, is looking at Llamas and Alpacas at the petting zoo :-)
The only knitting related activity I have had time for is writing down the pattern for my leaf shawl/vest/sweater while driving in the car (my sister is at the wheel).
Compared to New York, I am both shocked and relieved how inexpensively we can amuse ourselves here (deer petting is free, 5 minutes of motorcycle riding is 50 cents!).  And while Andor has exhibited some truly wild 2-year-old behavior (like throwing things off of a 4th floor balcony or pulling the cat's tail more times than I'd like to count), all in all we couldn't wish for a better summer :-)

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