Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

So... I was hoping to post tonight, but life--once again--is not on my side. What was I thinking, assuming that I was going to have time to blog on Thanksgiving? Somehow it completely escaped me that I am cooking!

...And there was this:

Anna and I went to see the balloons being blown up on 81st street. It's a time honored tradition, but it has gotten so huge that there is hardly any space to walk and people get herded by a massive police force (which my daughter flirted with extensively). We had fun for the first half and both hated the second half where the mass of people just pushed us by balloons and out of their sight. We barely made it to the grocery store to get dinner together for tomorrow.

I actually did sit down to blog tonight (as you can see), but I got into this huge rant in my head about something knitting related. I got all worked up over some "principle" stuff (more about that next week) and just could not let it go...

...before I knew it, it was 9 p.m. and spinach/cashew/bacon stuffing was calling and potatoes want to be cooked.

Long post, short message: I'll see you all on Monday.


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Sharon said...

Found your link to your blog on Ravelry forum today while taking a break from turkey cooking.

You can knit a turkey or a whole meal by using some of the patterns linked in my blog post yesterday. Stop by is you get a chance.

NYC at this time of year is so fabulous! It would be cool to see the balloons being inflated. I'll have to follow your blog. Don't get to NYC too often, but it sure will be nice to know where the good knit spots are the next time we go.