Monday, May 11, 2009

Yarntopia Revisited

This week I went back to Yarntopia, because I had felt so rushed the first time (and missed such fantastic things as the sockyarnwall--picture above). I thought the store hadn’t gotten its due. It kept bothering me, so I decided to go back to see Dona and take some better pictures. I chose to go on the day of my daughter’s fieldtrip to the Museum of Natural History. I went with her class for the trip, and of course Anna wanted to be with me afterward and begged to be taken along. Initially I was going to send her back to school for an hour, see Dona, and pick her up afterwards, but I relented, even though I was feeling a little hesitant about a four-year-old in a yarn shop and what that might mean. When we got to Yarntopia, Dona was in the middle of planning out an elaborate laceyarnwall (right next to the sockyarnwall). A big shipment of gorgeous colors had just come in.

Anna was so well behaved and so helpful that we stayed for nearly 1½ hours (did I mention Dona is really good with kids?). “I can’t leave yet, Mommy, I have to help Dona!” Anna reshelved heaps of yarn, keeping the colors together perfectly, and handed bags and bags of yarn to Dona who was standing on a ladder. I took my pictures and sat down to knit while they worked :-) To make a long story short: please go back to the Yarntopia post and see that I CAN actually take decent pictures of the place (I also added a couple of things in the review that I forgot to mention). After we left I took Anna to "Le Monde" (our favorite pastry cafe).

Happy Mother’s Day!

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