Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Etsy Treasure Trove And Happy 200!

Today I am celebrating more than 200 visitors! What a great gift to have all of you come. Thank you so much for reading, leaving comments, and following my tangled thoughts :-)

Today I wanted to talk about Etsy. For those of you who don't know it (which might not be all that many of you), Etsy is a website with the address http://www.etsy/. At Etsy all hand made goods come together, and are sold to hand-made-goods-loving customers, which--it turns out--are many. In this downtrodden economy, Etsy did record sales this Christmas. One thing Etsy is great for, besides many other things, is buying reasonably priced, (you guessed it) handspun, yarns. Some of these yarns are quite beautiful, so today I am goinng to introduce you to a few of these people--or rather to their shops.


folktale fibers said...

Thanks for including me in this lovely collection of yarns!

JulieAnnA said...

great way to spread the word on Etsy! everyday i find a person who is unfamiliar. but am sometimes pleasantly surprised when some one knows about it! :]

Ria said...

HI I found you on Ravelry's Blog comment train group. I have in the last 6 months or so, been making most of my yarn purchases from various etsy shops. I really loved a roving I saw on midnite baker's site, but I don't spin :(


dacg said...

Oh, are you a talent!!!!I love Etsy& I found you on Ravelry. What a wonderful blog. I am newer in the world of knitting & blogging so I appreciate learning about all the fibers.
No LYS but I could almost feel the fibers.